October 10th is World Mental Health Day. The objective of this important day is to spread awareness about mental health issues, express thanks to mental health care providers, and do more to make mental health care a reality for those who need it. Overall, the day represents a valuable opportunity to start a dialog about mental health with others in your life.

CreativeSpice are offering a series of FREE Zoom based sessions on mental health beginning on the 10th October 2022. Mental Health within Black communities is often a taboo subject, these sessions will explore relevant issues, increase awareness and normalise discussions around black mental health. We will strip away stigma, myths and misunderstandings around poor mental health replacing them with positive information from reliable sources so people can learn self-advocacy and self-efficacy also helping others who may be experiencing the same or similar problems.

Our sessions will allow you to consider and practice techniques to maintain good well-being and look at ways you can become more resilient, helping you to recognise the strengths that you already have so that you can take better care of yourself. They are free, informal and run by facilitators with lived experience of mental health conditions. 

Aim: To bring a smile, an optimistic outlook and to seek positive outcomes

At the end of these sessions we hope that you will:

1. Understand what mental health is and isn’t

2. Feel encouraged to speak openly about your 'down days, weeks, months, year!'

3. Understand the effects of negative self-talking

4. Identify whether you have healthy self esteem

5. Understand how we sabotage ourselves

6. Understand how fear inhibits us

7. Consider beginning a program of self improvement 

8. Become aware of resources and organisations that can help

Session 1: HEAD NUH GOOD -What is mental health?

This session will provide a platform for participants to discuss mental health within the black community. What it is? How it can impact on individuals and families. And offer insights into mental health management.

Session 2: NUTTIN NUH GO SO - Silencing negative self-talk.

We all have that little voice that makes us doubt ourselves or gives us that internal negative feedback. This session will help you to challenge that voice and consider alternative possibilities to encourage a more positive and uplifting inner dialogue.

Details of the sessions and a link to register your free place are below. 



Disclaimer. We are not  qualified health care practitioners nor do we claim our information is equal to or a substitute for medical advice.  If anyone has a serious mental health issue then they should seek professional help from a GP or other professionally, qualified person or body.