"When you are free your true creativity, your true self comes out"

We use performance poetry, creative writing, arts & crafts and music. We believe in using creative arts to empower groups and individuals through building confidence, developing new skills and providing 'a voice' and an opportunity for creative expression.

Our creative courses/workshops promote mindfulness. They are intended to improve the lives of participants by making a genuine, positive difference to their mental health and wellbeing. We believe this can help participants flourish socially and emotionally. Most of us may be inclined to ignore or dismiss certain adventures, activities or learning a new skill as being impossible or not worth trying. Maybe you think ‘surely not at my age’. But, know that nothing is completely beyond you. The human body and spirit can be incredibly strong and adaptive, and your imagination is without boundaries!

Mindfulness - Using creative practices as a tool for recreation and well-being

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a concept that allows us to be more focused, aware and present in every moment. While it’s been used in hospitals for treating stress, anxiety and depression, there’s also been a huge amount of enthusiasm for it in the creative domains. Creative practices are almost by definition practices of mindfulness and sometimes spirituality. Anything creative puts you in a semi-meditative state because you are forced to concentrate on that particular practice, at that moment; to be present.

Practising mindfulness can help train your attention to be more aware of what is actually happening, rather than worrying about what has happened or might happen. It can act as an antidote to the frantic and constant whirring of the typical brain, helping us to focus our mind and free our imagination and give us control over the way we pay attention; paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.

DJ Wellbeing Workshops

The goal of both music and meditation is to create a powerful and positive shift in our mental state. Music is a reliable source of transformational experience for many, and we are attracted to music for the same reasons that meditators meditate. Music and meditation both allow a fuller and richer experience of our emotions: They stop our incessant and often negative mental chatter and offer us an opportunity to inhabit the present moment more fully and meaningfully.

Like meditation, music brings us into the present. When you DJ, it is possible to become totally absorbed by the music, lose track of time and feel the energy being transmitted through the airwaves. It is possible to connect with the audience through your music and above all else it is possible to exercise extreme mindfulness in that moment, sometimes for hours at a time.

We believe that through the principles and practising of DJing participants can truly begin to learn music, exercise mindfulness, build self-confidence and most of all have fun. From mood enhancement and relaxation to full-blown oneness, music has the ability to powerfully shift our state of mind. Some come and forget the troubles and just be. Immersed in sound; devoid of the usual angst of daily life.

Poetry, Prose & Creative Writing Workshops - Come write away!

Writing and poetry are powerful media to express the thoughts that one could never verbalise through the use of rhymes and metaphors.  Poem can express the writer's soul. This experiential course will offer an opportunity to practice mindfulness and a range of therapeutic writing approaches through the interactive use of poetry, prose and guided meditation. Our poetry workshop/course focus mainly on open form or free form poetry writing. We encourage participants to develop insight into their thoughts, emotions, sensations and behaviours. We’ll explore ways of integrating mindfulness and writing into everyday life, in a supportive, nonjudgmental and inspiring environment, with a view to promoting personal creativity, self-compassion and wellbeing. The writing practices will provide opportunities for the exploration of personal themes and ideas, with the chance to discuss these within the group as well as with the facilitator. It is an exceptionally cathartic and rewarding experience. It centres on learning the fundamentals, based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction principles.

Scientifically researched benefits of mindfulness practice include:

- resilience in the face of stressful situation

- increased self-confidence

- improved physical health

- more compassion to oneself and others

- improved concentration and creativity

- greater self-awareness 

Mindful Arts & Crafts

There is something about making things that many of us are missing out on; an inherent mindfulness, a state of flow. For some to achieve a mindful state, an inner calm walking in nature works best, for others it may be gardening. But one of the easiest ways to find that mindful state of peace and calm is to do something creative. Partaking in something creative can be an antidote to our overwhelming , technology saturated, digital lifestyles.  Our workshops aim to busy the hands and quiet the mind through artistic practice.
Our 'On the Up' workshops focuses on upcycling; making hand-made items such as bags, jewellery, picture frames, cards, and a range of other things you might like to make. You will learn new skills in designing and creating products that could be given as a gift or something for yourself.  All attendees feel happier, more confident, and more relaxed as a result of taking time to reignite and reconnect with their innate, creative, imagination again.

Come and learn a new skill and have fun in the process in a safe and supportive place to explore your creative side. You don’t need to be good at art, the sessions are about coming together to promote our wellbeing.

All of our sessions will begin with a 5-10 minute guided meditation.

For more information about any of our services; prices and/or a quote please email using the facility on the Get in touch page specifying which service you require.

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