Our stress to serenity programme entails a series of activities which we believe will be a springboard for growth, healing, and transformation, whilst endorsing that feel good factor. Stress can manifest in a variety of ways, from physical symptoms like headaches and stomach problems to emotional symptoms like anxiety and irritability. Art, in any form has been a proven antidote to help alleviate lower level mental health issues. And we, here at CreativeSpice DJ, Wellness & Training subscribe to methods that support self-care, by providing ways to manage your stress boost your mood, mindfulness and most importantly...enjoyment!


It will come as no surprise that if we want to lift our mood, it can help to play music. But DJing has a totally exhilarating feeling! Anxiety and depression are the last things most people will think about when DJing

Depression tends to have you dwelling on the past, anxiety dwelling on the future. Behind the decks, one has to be in the present. It’s as good a form of relaxation, a sort of meditation and the feeling after playing…the buzz...is the best antidepressant. These sessions will be your story, wrapped in a melody of sound! You'll be shown the interface and basics of DJing. There's no right and wrong just mix with mindfulness your favourite songs!


And you will totally enjoy our Musical Run-around! A musical take on a classic game. The object of musical runaround is for the participants to identify how many genres of music they are familiar with during this fun, interactive, energetic quiz.
The session includes our Follow the Leader-Style 'n' Step.

This really fun activity will introduce the group to some of our favourite club dance routines for Afrobeat, Reggae and RnB that currently run at parties, dances and events. They will learn the basics and be taken through the steps of the chosen dance routine; hopefully finishing as expert! 


Writing poetry is a way to nurture mindfulness practice. It can inspire both author and reader to reflect, dream, reminisce, observe, and fantasize. It can be healing and transformative and an excellent outlet for self-expression.

Sculpting our feelings and thoughts into a poem can take us on a journey through inner psyche, because poems reflect the voice of the soul. Creative writing is beneficial to the treatment of depression, as it has been repeatedly shown to relieve depressive symptoms, improve self-esteem and self-understanding, and encourage the expression of feelings. Our sessions are for the inexperienced and take on a freeform writing style.


The creation of jewellery can provide a distraction from stressful thoughts and experiences, and a chance to get into that mindful state of "flow". Participating in our session is 100% therapeutic, can be restorative in many ways, provide catharsis and at the end you will have produced a beautiful piece too! These sessions run for 2hrs, all materials and tools are supplied and are free providing you meet the criteria. Currently running at Granby & Dingle Children's Centre, L8. 


Many teambuilding experiences include some type of sporting or art & craft activity. Our 'Spin to Win', DJ Battle is great fun team building activity. Utilising the unifying power of music, creativity and team work. The battle fosters camaraderie, cooperative and positive mindsets. Get in touch to ask about our rates.