CreativeSpice DJ, Wellness & Training  has the ability to provide services for wedding receptions, anniversaries, parties, corporate & community events and other events that often require the services of a DJ. 

Some DJs have a set genre or play the music they want.  We cater for all music genres and we play the music YOU want! From that initial meeting to the finalisation of the timeline, we will listen to your requests, and share some of our original ideas that will make your event unique; we will endeavour to take care of every music detail, style and expectations so you are free to enjoy every moment of your special day. 

We can even cater for more intimate occasions, maybe a disco at your house, in your garden or anywhere else; we can give you the music you want to make sure you and your guests have a great evening.  Whatever the occasion, whatever your taste in music, CreativeSpice DJ, Wellness & Training can provide a DJ to make your night go with a swing.  

Whatever you're looking for, CreativeSpice DJ, Wellness & Training can help. We cater for all tastes in music from R&B to Soul, Funky House to AfroBeats, from Pop to Rock, from Reggae, Dancehall & Soca to Disco.  Whether you want chart music or a mix of music tailored to your guests needs, we can put together a playlist which includes all your favourites.

We also offer DJ Workshop birthday parties. You will learn how to DJ and jam using your favourite music. You guests can even make their own mixtape to take home or DJ at your own event in front of friends and family!

A picture’s worth a thousand words - Photo booths (in all their shapes and sizes) are becoming increasingly popular at events. CreativeSpice DJ, Wellness & Training also offers a photo booth service.  The photo booth will keep guests busy and engaged—and hopefully, the novelty of the experience will have them talking long after they’ve left the event. With our instant printing, attendees will have a souvenir of the event and, of course, we add some fun props to make it even more memorable. At the end of the night your attendees have a fabulous keepsake. They may even want to share their goofy and fun photos will others—at the event and elsewhere, such as social networks—including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, etc.

Karaoke - Everyone has a song in their heart, so let us help you sing it with our karaoke package

Karaoke is still a popular source of entertainment. And if you love it as much as we do then why not host a karaoke party with our Easy Karaoke?

Our Karaoke features a fantastic selection of the most popular karaoke songs, old and new, by a range of artists, and with speaker pedestal, is ideal for any venue or home.

Whether it’s for sing-alongs, or individual performances, you can create a musical nirvana at your special party or event, with our professional karaoke system. Though songs may be slain, memories will be made; it’s fantastic entertainment for everyone.

So take the hassle out of event planning.

Get all your media and entertainment needs from one source.

'CreativeSpice DJ, Wellness & Training'.

Whatever you're looking for, we have a service to suit all tastes and budgets.

Way Hey Hey! What can I say? Anyone who knows me knows that I have always loved music but didn't venture into 'proper' DJing until 2008.. My first gigs were parties for friends, family and acquaintances and putting the word out across town it wasn’t long before I was being referred for other private parties.

I was asked to play regularly at the local social club. This was done for free as it was community based and I was trying to establish a reputation. Eventually I was asked to play for the local Caribbean Community Domino club dances which hosted coach parties from other cities. This gave me more regular experience and exposure. These were gateways to better paying private events and I have since gone on to play for bars/clubs, played at many parties,  and provided background music at many community

Very comfortable with performing in front of hundreds of people and have performed at multiple nightclubs around the country. Venues include: F&F social club, Birmingham, Coventry West Indian Community Centre & Social Club, Manchester West Indian Centre, Manchester Rastafarian HQ, The Liverpool Magnet

What you can expect from LadySpice

- Meet with clients to discuss details of event (weddings, birthday parties, etc.).

- Plan, map and forecast ahead of time to ensure on time arrival and setup.

- Maintain a professional demeanour and appearance to ensure the highest level of service to clients served.

- Respond to all requests from client as well as guests of the event.

- Arrange playlist in accordance with agenda for event.

- Read the guests and adjust the tone and tempo of the music to match those in attendance.

- In between playing music serve as Master of Ceremony by making relevant announcements

- Ensure event runs smoothly and according to schedule, say a few words at intervals to entertain guests and keep the mood light.

- Follow up with clients for feedback on improved services to ensure repeat business and referrals.

- Public Liability Insurance

- DBS  checked