SheeJay Course Outline

CreativeSpice Mobile Entertainment is dedicated to promoting and improving wellbeing across disadvantaged areas of Liverpool. It is shaped in the belief that art and participation in music or singing, or listening to music, can foster self-esteem, dignity, pride, community and civic engagement and have positive effects on self-esteem and subjective wellbeing. CreativeSpice Mobile Entertainment is dedicated to using art  and musical activities as part of a cost-effective strategy to promote the well-being of healthy communities;  bringing stimulating and engaging activities to vulnerable, refugee, those with reduced social contact and other marginalised groups who would not usually have the opportunity to benefit from these kinds of activities; to provide an outlet for their creativity, enabling them to achieve enhanced social, emotional and cognitive well-being

Female Only DJ Courses for Beginners to intermediate - intermediate to advanced CreativeSpice Mobile Entertainment delivers DJ sessions as a form of music therapy in order to promote and improve wellbeing. The aim is to help young girls and women develop skills DJing and explore creatively through music, in a cool environment. Whether they want to DJ for fun or elevate themselves to a professional level

The beginner’s course will be aimed at helping attendees acquire new skills going on to hone them further and improve on what they know by taking the intermediate and advance class. The course will be delivered in situ or on location, i.e., schools, community venues, etc.

The focus on the sessions is making sure participants have a fun and exhilarating experience. They will do this by learning the techniques for creating a remix of a favourite song; develop a clear understanding of basic aspects of DJing such as, how to set the software up properly for reliable, hassle-free DJing; how to search for, sort and filter music to always have that next tune at your fingertips; experience and learn to use Pioneer Controllers, plus more.

Course outline

The workshops will be run over 4 weeks with one 2hr session weekly, this gives plenty of time between sessions for participants to practice at home

The intention is to keep all sessions to core groups of 4 participants over the duration of the course. One facilitator will run the sessions

In each weekly two-hour session participants will then be given the opportunity to explore aspects of the software and hardware. This will include experimentation and improvisation in the early stages.

Following the course participants will be given support if they want to continue expanding their DJing skills

Beginner Level

This course is an introduction to the basics of contemporary DJ techniques, equipment and concepts. The skills acquired can be applied to any genre of music and no prior training or experience is necessary.

Beginner Topics include:

Cueing, beat matching, beat mixing, effects, etc

Intro to industry standard DJ equipment and a step-by-step walkthrough every part of the interface, including set-up & trouble shooting

Music theory - Basics of music structure and arrangement

Other subjects covered:

How to download music legally for free

Set up/break down and trouble-shooting

Loading Music

Building Music Library

How the virtual decks work, including loops, cues, effects, and sampler

How to automix tunes to keep the music playing perfectly when you need a refreshment break

Discuss the industry, DJ agencies and promo mixes

Intermediate Level

Following on from the beginner’s course, the intermediate module broadens the scope of both techniques and styles. Working towards a specific goal (a cohesive 20 minute DJ set to be performed in week 4) the Participants will expand their understanding of the musical concepts and technical skills required to build a solid performance.

Intermediate Topics include:

Advanced mixing techniques effects, scratching, mash-ups

Arrange pre-made loops to create new music

Building & recording your DJ set

Music industry basics.

After completion of the DJ course you will be able to:

Demonstrate modern DJ techniques

Set up and operate industry standard DJ equipment

Understand the digital and technical requirements of DJing

Analyse various music genre tracks based on tempo, structure and compatibility in a DJ set