We have probably all signed up to things before actually thinking about the consequences or whether we are adequately equipped to be in a particular position. Passion and unqualified commitment can override practicalities, then we can often feel out of our depth when faced with the reality of what is required. This is true of many start-ups, community groups or non-profit organisations. But have no fear, as CreativeSpice workshops are here to help. Our good governance training workshop is designed for those with limited or no prior knowledge in governance.

The sessions aim to provide relevant insights into good governance that have a practical and positive impact on board performance. Our workshops are delivered in an informal, relaxed, atmosphere which we believe is conducive to participation and contribution.

We cover:

- Good Governance

- Role of the Boar

- Board responsibilities/accountabilities

- Board Structure

- Board Culture & Dynamics

The client will provide detailed specifications of the work. After understanding your objectives, we’ll provide a detailed proposal, and agree with you the workshop programme content and dates.

The rapport and relationships within a team are paramount for productivity and members of a team who can relate and communicate effectively with one another, contribute significantly to the overall success of any organisation. And so with the focus on improving intergroup communication, cohesion and efficiency our team-building workshop is music-based, designed to encourage interaction, promote wellbeing and an understanding of personal communication styles.

Our wickedly fun DJ workshop will teach your participants the basics of how to DJ using virtual DJ software & Pioneer controller (no prior experience is required). After the practical demo, participants will form teams, choose DJ names then face each other head to head in, a do-or-die, DJ battle. The team that smashes it wins it.

This team activity is designed to build team spirit, accelerate team development, wellness and entertainment. Not only does our workshop encourage intergroup cohesion but we also incorporate communication styles exercises. It will encourage participants to bond, connect; feel relaxed and to release stress. They will enjoy the music and initiate tons of fun, laughter and discussion. It is a great energiser that boosts morale, celebrates self-expression and development of creativity in a safe, nurturing environment.

Benefits include:

Opening communications between co-workers

- Promoting teamwork

- Motivates and boost morale

- Promoting creativity & self-expression

- Developing problem-solving skills

- Demonstrates they can learn anything they put their mind too

- Decreasing group conflict

- Happy, happy, happy participants!